Question 3 Draft

Feedback is a critical part of the process of not only making a music video but in everything I make/[produce on the journey to creating a video. It helps me personally gain a clear idea of the positive things about the work I have produced and the negative things/things I could improve and adjust to make it more successful. To help myself gain the most effective and helpful feedback possible, I wanted to gain feedback from people both in my target audience and not. The people in my target audience will have more of an idea of the aim of the video and the making process behind it. They therefore may be able to give me more developmental feedback as to how to film/edit. I want to also gain feedback of people that don’t necessarily know the aims of the video but I would like their ‘mutual’ feedback on how it looks and what can be improved in their eyes.My target audience is ages 17-25. I have focused on the demographic group ABC1 as these are middle/upper class people. To help me get the most accurate and effective feedback possible I chose two people in this age group. I chose my friends Harry and Cian who are also in my media class. I feel that as they are in my target audience age range and the fact that they also do media mean I can rely on them for the best and most helpful feedback possible. As they are making a music video themselves, they know the aim of this project and how to make/edit the videos, the types of equipment and camera shots, erefore how to make a successful video, which will help me a lot.

I conducted a video of audience feedback which was quantitative data. I feel that quantitative data is more specific as the people giving me the feedback can elaborate on their points as well as me being able to ask them questions to help guide them to give me the kind of feedback that would be useful to me. I feel that although helpful in some aspects, qualitative data is less specific and doesn’t allow feedback to be elaborated on unlike quantitative. That’s why I wanted to do a mixture of both to help me gain an all-round idea on feedback. My first type of feedback is a video of Harry and Cian. I decided to film them as they watched my video and they were then free to comment on whichever parts they liked, didn’t like and how I could change them. This helped me because I could see exactly which part they are talking about from the time of the video.

The feedback I received was mainly positive, there wasn’t any major negatives mentioned so I was able to keep the majority of the shots/ideas I had already portrayed. At one point, Harry mentioned that he liked the black background I had included in the majority of the shots in the video, he said that it really shows the character more. This is something that initially I was worried about it looking too boring and dull, however the positive feedback on this made me feel a lot happier with including these shots. It was also mentioned that the cuts were in time with the music. This is something I hoped to achieve and so I’m really pleased that they noticed this. The main constructive criticism I received was to include more of a variety of shots, as my draft only had shots in the black box room. I took this into consideration knowing that I had booked my next shoot where I would be filming at a location rather than in the black box, so I knew that I was going to be adding more variation to my shots shortly. Receiving feedback was extremely helpful because I can hear from other people their interpretation of the video to see if they’re getting the message that I want to relay or if I need to change it to make the message more clearly to audiences. Personally I think that using ‘experienced’ media students to give me feedback is helpful and I feel that I can trust their opinion more knowing that they know the aims and making processes of the video. Also, from these people I can receive more technological feedback of things like the way I positioned the camera, editing techniques and special effects which someone who isn’t involved in media may not pick up on. Overall, the feedback I received was very positive however it helped me to gain an idea of the ways in which I can improve my video and the things that I should keep the same as they fit well with the theme of the video. The feedback helped me hugely in making my final product the best it can be and I am pleased with how it turned out.