Question 2 Draft

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

When I was first given the specification for the A2 Coursework, my immediate instinct was to create 3 separate products that all link in some way. When I looked into it more during the research and planning stage I completed research into existing brands to help give me some ideas as to what kind of brand identity to create based on what previous successful brands had created.  I noticed that to make my work successful across all three products I create, they need to all link in one way or another. I knew that if I did create them all looking similar to one another it would ensure to the consumers could recognise that the products are related in one way or another.

Firstly, I focused on making my music video. The purpose of the video is to entertain viewers whilst also allowing them to interpret the message behind the song. I wanted the viewers to mainly enjoy watching the video, so I didn’t make it my main aim to make it obvious to the audience that there was a story in the video that they had to decipher. I wanted it this way as personally I know I enjoy music videos that I can watch and enjoy without the need for a story to understand. This was the main reason I decided to create a video like this. The only ‘theme’ I had for the video was isolation and loneliness which I represented through the location of the woods, where my actor is seen completely alone surrounded by bare trees and leaves on the ground. The second location was the black box room in school. This background creates a scene of isolation as the actor is lit up with red head lights with a contrasting black background and he is the only thing seen in this shot. From very early stages in the planning process I knew who was going to be my actor for the video. This choice in actor also swayed me to choose a slow song, as I thought this would suit the personality/style of the actor himself and I felt that if I wanted to have some sort of story line it would be easier represented to a slower beat song. An important thing to me was that I represented the song through the visuals, so a slow song meant longer cuts, some fades in/out of focus and lots of tracking shots.

My advert served a purpose of promoting my music video. I used a mid-shot of my actors looking towards the left. As this was his positioning in the shot, I chose to use the rule of thirds and placed him in the right side of the page. I knew that this created a space for me to put the title and reviews so that they could be the key focus of the advert. The image I used I also edited. I blurred the background and sharpened the image of the actor to create more detail and make it obvious he is also the main focus of the advert.

The digipak on the other hand has 6 images taken during my fourth shoot on location in the woods. I have edited them to make them have a blurred background and so that the main focus is on the actor. I made the image on the CD black and white to give it a different colour scheme to the rest of the images which are all similar. I used images with the artist and without to almost ‘set the scene’ of the video.

In terms of how all of these images link, I used pictures all from the day of the fourth shoot. This way, in all of the pictures the actor is wearing the same clothes which is important to me to create continuity, also this is a way all of the products link. When filming in the woods, is was autumn time and so the trees are bare and the leaves were on the ground all orange/yellow/brown in colour, this background and these colours can been seen in the background of the music video, In the advert, the blurred image in the background shows similar colours to that of my music video, also there are a few bare trees in it as well. My digipak has a range of images which all include images of my artist with leaves and trees in the background. My artist’s choice in clothing also helps tie in the images as he wore a brown jacket which ties in well with the autumnal theme. Overall I feel that I have created a clear line of products that come under one brand which can be seen by the similarities between them.