Below is my story board for my music video. I have included the main ideas I have for the video, including things like shots, mise-en-scene and the emotions I want to create in the video. I also have included a brief description of each picture underneath it to help with the ideas of what I want to create.Slide1Slide2

Digipak Sketches

Idea 1:

This is my first Digipak draft. I’ve chosen basic images that I want to include in my Digipak to help it look minimalist and not too busy. This way it will appeal to audiences more as it is simple/easy to look at. I know I want to include the title of the album and the artist name on the front cover, song list and CD cover. This helps the three link and seem more like a real product. There are a lot of shots of just the artist which I feel will seem very similar to the video, as he is the only one in it. However this is the look I was going for, I want to create him as though he is isolated and lonely which I feel this Digipak emphasises. There is one shot of the woods without the artist in it. I feel again as though this creates a link between the video and the Digipak, appealing more to the audience.

didgipak draft 1

Idea 2:

Similarly to the first one, I’ve included the title of the album and the artist name on the front cover, song list and CD cover. This one however has more of a story to it. I’ve decided to include a picture of the artist as a baby, teen(what he looks like in the video) and as an elderly man. I chose to do this to represent the story that is behind the lyrics of the artist growing older. However, I feel as though the story may not come across in the Digipak as the pictures wont necessarily be in order and so may confuse the audience.

didgipak draft 2