Planning Summary

Similarly to research, planning was helpful, if not essential in the stages before production. After I had gained my basic understanding of the process I would be completing through research, I began planning.

Planning helped me to feel more organised throughout this whole year. At first I was gaining more inspiration as I planned through tasks such as creating a mood-board, choosing a song, analysing lyrics. They all made me feel as though I understood the task more and that my work had a steady path to follow, as soon as I had chosen my song. Planning made sure I knew when I was going to film, at what location, if there were any props/things I needed to bring, what equipment would be useful to me, how to set up the lights to get the shot I wanted etc.

Overall, I feel as though planning was extremely helpful towards the success of my video, knowing what I was doing and when to do it helped me to stay organised and keep on top of my work.


Equipment Required


The Canon 550D Camera available to me has an 18.0 megapixel digital lens. The camera is lightweight meaning that it is easy for me to use/move when filming. It has built in flash and a CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensors work efficiently and require less power, they are better suited to high speed capture. This camera is very high quality that will shoot my footage in 1080p which will help give the footage and therefore the final video, the highest quality and most real looking pictures which is one of my main aims for the video.



The lens I’m using to film is an aperture lens which is 50mm and can film in very high quality. I can easily adjust the aperture when I change the location or when the lighting changes when filming with natural light. This lens allows me to create the right look that I want by changing the amount of light that goes into the lens.



A tripod will help me to keep the camera still and therefore will help the shots to look professional which is what I want for my music video. A tripod allows me to adjust/move it to create high, low and mid angle shots. It can also help me to keep withing the rule of thirds as it is steady. I also want to use the track to create moving shots that are steady. I will have to use the pan to move the camera to stay on the artists face.



Lighting helps to create a mood/atmosphere when filming. It can set the scene for the music video and can help get across the tone of the video to the audience. Red head lights will be available to me when I film in the black box room. They will light up the room well to create an almost ‘invisible’ background. I would set up three lights, 2 in front and one behind the artist to create a shadow on their face to create more tone to the video. By adjusting the barn doors I can direct where the lights go. Natural light will occur when I film outside. I can use the light to decide where I will position the camera, artist and any changes to the aperture I would need to make at that time.





Below is the moodboard I created to help with planning for my music video shoots. Firstly, we have the location of the shoots. I have included pictures of the woods (specifically in Autumn time if I am able to) as I feel as though it will bring more to the shoot in terms of colour, it will look prettier and gives a warm background feeling to the video.

Next, there are some images of a dark room, really because I didn’t have any pictures of the black box room in our school. I’m aware that these pictures come off as eerie which is not the look I will be going for but I do want to create a feeling of loneliness and so will set up the lights so that he is the only thing lit up in the shot.

I have also included pictures of the outfits I have in mind for the artist to wear, this is not a necessity for my video as it’s in the indie genre and so it will have a casual/laid back feel. Therefore, I think casual clothes will look fine and will suit the style of the video so I wont be strict with what I want the artist to wear.

Finally, there are images of equipment on the moodboard, these are the main pieces of equipment that I will be using during all of my shoots and photoshoots. There is a Canon 550D camera which I will use for taking pictures and filming. The lens in a Canon EF-S 18mm that is an ultra-wide angled zoom lens. This will provide high quality as well as a good wide angled shot allowing me to capture different shots with the background included.



Digipak Sketches

Idea 1:

This is my first Digipak draft. I’ve chosen basic images that I want to include in my Digipak to help it look minimalist and not too busy. This way it will appeal to audiences more as it is simple/easy to look at. I know I want to include the title of the album and the artist name on the front cover, song list and CD cover. This helps the three link and seem more like a real product. There are a lot of shots of just the artist which I feel will seem very similar to the video, as he is the only one in it. However this is the look I was going for, I want to create him as though he is isolated and lonely which I feel this Digipak emphasises. There is one shot of the woods without the artist in it. I feel again as though this creates a link between the video and the Digipak, appealing more to the audience.

didgipak draft 1

Idea 2:

Similarly to the first one, I’ve included the title of the album and the artist name on the front cover, song list and CD cover. This one however has more of a story to it. I’ve decided to include a picture of the artist as a baby, teen(what he looks like in the video) and as an elderly man. I chose to do this to represent the story that is behind the lyrics of the artist growing older. However, I feel as though the story may not come across in the Digipak as the pictures wont necessarily be in order and so may confuse the audience.

didgipak draft 2