Music Genres

Each music genre comes with a stereotype for the type of music video that is made. This can include the setting of the music video, the story within the video or how the video itself is filmed.

The song I have chosen is ‘7 Years’ by Lukas Graham. The songs genre is Pop music. Pop music is generally created electronically; i.e.. electronic instruments/software’s. Pops identifying factors include it being a short, catchy song with a strong beat and simple tunes which makes it easier to remember. It is also identified by having repeated choruses, melodic tunes and hooks. Pop is sometimes seen to borrow elements of other music genres for example; urban, dance, rock, Latin and country.

Every music genre has its own conventions for music videos. Pop often creates a link between lyrics and videos. I will keep this in mind when creating my music video as I want to keep within the conventions of a pop music video. Pop music videos also use editing to help stick within the conventions of pop music. For example, they would edit clips/shots to appear at the same time that the beat in the music changes.

The camera angles in pop music are also specific to the genre. A lot of close up shots are used to help keep the artists’ face relevant.