Question 4 Draft

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology was used throughout the making of my A2 product. From the very start I used technology, in terms of the internet when I created my blog. The blog is where I have been (and still am) documenting my journey throughout this year. From my first digipak and poster draft to the real things. I decided to use WordPress as I was familiar with how it worked after last year’s coursework. I set up the on the internet so that it can be easily accessed by both myself and my teacher. I set up different categories to make it more specific where things were. This helped my work feel more organised which was key when I wanted to find and edit or improve previous work. I used links to make it easier to navigate around the website from post to post. WordPress was also good to use as I could easily upload hyperlinks to my work as well as pictures with a link on them to improve the look of the blog rather than just uploading a link.

After the blog was complete, I did the planning and research tasks, these helped me to prepare for the production stage. Before filming I did a lot of research into different cameras and lighting equipment. This helped me out a lot as this was my first time filming something properly and so I didn’t have much knowledge behind the equipment or how to use it. Doing research into this helped my hugely when it came to filming.

For the actual making of the video, I used a canon 550D to film, I was comfortable using this as I used it last year to take pictures with for my music magazine. It is a digital SLR camera which would cost around £350. Although there are better cameras out there, I feel as though the quality of this camera, when both recording and taking pictures is excellent for what I was making.  The auto focus is really good as well as the sound quality, not that I necessarily needed it. The camera films at 720p which is higher than the standard HD of 480p. I chose to use a digital camera as I think that they are the best available option at this point in time. As they are still being developed and produced I know I have the best possible camera for this type of work and was happy to use it. Although the analogue cameras are a cheaper alternative I know that the quality isn’t as good as, for example, the analogue lens zooms in on everything slightly which loses some of the width of the shot. Overall, I just felt that the analogue wasn’t as good as the digital which is why I preferred to use the Canon 550D. To film I used the Canon 50mm F.1.8 lens as I know that the quality is good enough for me to achieve the look that I want to.

For the location filming I went to Ruislip Woods, for this I just used natural lighting because I wasn’t able to carry the big red head lights with me, and I didn’t really need to. I also liked the effect the natural lighting and the trees had on the artist in the shots. However, for the filming I did in the black box indoors I used three red head lights which lit him up well. I positioned one light behind the artist to create a lens flare in some of my shots as I moved the camera to pan, I am really happy with how this turned out.

For editing the video, audience feedback on the video and feedback on both the advert and digipak and some part of my evaluation, I have used Adobe Premiere Pro and InDesign. Premiere is a complicated software to use at first, but after my first few tries I was able to understand the basic tools and my skill came with more practice. I also completed a preliminary task of a walk around school demonstrating different camera angles and shots. When editing this I gained the most basic idea of how to use the software. When editing the first real video draft, I became more comfortable with using shortcuts and then editing using effects. On a few shots I used the warp stabilizer effect to make it look still as I didn’t have a tripod when filming and so some of the shots are slightly bumpy/wobbly. Also in terms of after effects, I used the colour grading tool to make the picture have depth and look more vibrant.

Another piece of software I used was Adobe Photoshop, this was used more in the editing of my pictures from my Photo-shoot. As I did the Photo-shoot on location outside, some of the images were quite dark. This is where I used Photoshop to edit them to make them look a bit brighter using the contrast/brightness tool, I added more depth using the hue/saturation tool and to add more detail I used the sharpen image tool.