Advert Draft

This is my advert draft. I think it it very simplistic from the limited text and the picture of the artist, the way he is facing creates some sort of mystery to the audience as we can’t tell what he looks like. I like the editing of the picture that I did, I think it gives the advert a soft look, also the blurring of the background emphasises the focus on the actor. When taking this picture, I positioned the camera with the twigs from the trees slightly inside the shot to create the idea that it is a sort of picture frame around the actor.

To improve this advert, I think it would look good if there was more text, however in a thin, smaller font so that the advert doesn’t end up looking too crowded as I like its simplicity at this point in time. I would add reviews of the video to make it look more realistic.


Digipak Draft

This is the draft of my Digipak, I like how all of the backgrounds/colours are similar and so they all link. I like the positioning of the text on the back cover of the digipak. I think that the font I used on the front cover could be changed to look a lot nice so that’s definitely something I would change about it.

I would also add an image onto the CD just to make it look more like the rest of the digipak to keep within a theme, it would also look more interesting.


First Draft Of Music Video

Above is the first draft of my music video. A few of the shots are out of focus and so I know I will need to re-film them at some stage. I also need to go out and film in different locations to add more variety to the video as I know that currently it is only shots of performance.

There is one section of the video (1:54-1:57) where there are no clips. This is because my artist forgot the lyrics every time I filmed it, which is not a problem as I know I can fill in the gap when I film different things like; buildings, every day life, short clips of him walking etc, which I aim to do in London. These separate clips will also help to break down the video to make it feel more realistic like a professional video would.