Planning Summary

Similarly to research, planning was helpful, if not essential in the stages before production. After I had gained my basic understanding of the process I would be completing through research, I began planning.

Planning helped me to feel more organised throughout this whole year. At first I was gaining more inspiration as I planned through tasks such as creating a mood-board, choosing a song, analysing lyrics. They all made me feel as though I understood the task more and that my work had a steady path to follow, as soon as I had chosen my song. Planning made sure I knew when I was going to film, at what location, if there were any props/things I needed to bring, what equipment would be useful to me, how to set up the lights to get the shot I wanted etc.

Overall, I feel as though planning was extremely helpful towards the success of my video, knowing what I was doing and when to do it helped me to stay organised and keep on top of my work.


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