Research Summary

At the beginning of this year, I did not have much knowledge surrounding music videos. That being what makes a good one, what kind of styles they could be, let alone how to set up equipment to be able to film one! I completed many different types of research including the following; looking at already existing, professional music videos, looking at example from previous students from the years before me, asking questions to members of my target audience seeing their opinion of what makes a good/bad music video, seeing which style of video is the most popular and finally, I set up questionnaires/surveys asking people what types of videos they like to see/would enjoy the most.

Overall, research has helped me hugely in many aspects of this year; with how plan my video, what to put in it and how to use and what equipment to use when actually making it. The process of research was to allow me to gain more of an insight into the making of a music video. From doing research I have discovered many things to do with the success of both my advert and digipak(i.e. what they should look like) how a successful music video is made, what things to not include in my video, how to set up and film so that the lighting and camera settings are correct and finally how to cut and edit a video, including adding after effects.


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