Equipment Required


The Canon 550D Camera available to me has an 18.0 megapixel digital lens. The camera is lightweight meaning that it is easy for me to use/move when filming. It has built in flash and a CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensors work efficiently and require less power, they are better suited to high speed capture. This camera is very high quality that will shoot my footage in 1080p which will help give the footage and therefore the final video, the highest quality and most real looking pictures which is one of my main aims for the video.



The lens I’m using to film is an aperture lens which is 50mm and can film in very high quality. I can easily adjust the aperture when I change the location or when the lighting changes when filming with natural light. This lens allows me to create the right look that I want by changing the amount of light that goes into the lens.



A tripod will help me to keep the camera still and therefore will help the shots to look professional which is what I want for my music video. A tripod allows me to adjust/move it to create high, low and mid angle shots. It can also help me to keep withing the rule of thirds as it is steady. I also want to use the track to create moving shots that are steady. I will have to use the pan to move the camera to stay on the artists face.



Lighting helps to create a mood/atmosphere when filming. It can set the scene for the music video and can help get across the tone of the video to the audience. Red head lights will be available to me when I film in the black box room. They will light up the room well to create an almost ‘invisible’ background. I would set up three lights, 2 in front and one behind the artist to create a shadow on their face to create more tone to the video. By adjusting the barn doors I can direct where the lights go. Natural light will occur when I film outside. I can use the light to decide where I will position the camera, artist and any changes to the aperture I would need to make at that time.





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