Editing Processes

These are the processes of editing my music video. The first image shows the editing of the image for my advert. On the right is the original image and the left is the edited image. My aim was to add more colour and make the artist more defined which I think I have achieved. I used adjustments such as hue/saturation, contrast and brightness, curves and exposure to achieve this.

editing processes pic


The image below shows how I edited the music video. I used the cut tool to cut the clips down and to get them to the correct point of the song. This tool was extremely useful as well in cutting out parts that I accidentally lost focus on or parts that the artist forgot the words to the song.




This image shows the ‘cross fade’ option during editing. I applied this after I had finished the final cut of the video and ensured that it was exactly how I wanted it to look. I applied this effect to one one of the clips at the end of the video to add more ‘depth’ to the video as it had more to it than just clips edited together. I feel as though adding this effect helped the transition between shots seem smooth which I liked. Looking back, I hope to add more of these to my video just to make it flow more and also look more interesting.



This final image in the bottom left corner shows the effect ‘warp stabiliser’. I applied this effect to a variety of my shots, especially the ones taken in the woods as I didn’t have a tripod with me to help keep the camera steady and so warp stabiliser helps to make the shots look still by slightly zooming in on them. This effect worked for some shots and some were too shaky so I didn’t like how they turned out when I had the effect on.


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