Below is the moodboard I created to help with planning for my music video shoots. Firstly, we have the location of the shoots. I have included pictures of the woods (specifically in Autumn time if I am able to) as I feel as though it will bring more to the shoot in terms of colour, it will look prettier and gives a warm background feeling to the video.

Next, there are some images of a dark room, really because I didn’t have any pictures of the black box room in our school. I’m aware that these pictures come off as eerie which is not the look I will be going for but I do want to create a feeling of loneliness and so will set up the lights so that he is the only thing lit up in the shot.

I have also included pictures of the outfits I have in mind for the artist to wear, this is not a necessity for my video as it’s in the indie genre and so it will have a casual/laid back feel. Therefore, I think casual clothes will look fine and will suit the style of the video so I wont be strict with what I want the artist to wear.

Finally, there are images of equipment on the moodboard, these are the main pieces of equipment that I will be using during all of my shoots and photoshoots. There is a Canon 550D camera which I will use for taking pictures and filming. The lens in a Canon EF-S 18mm that is an ultra-wide angled zoom lens. This will provide high quality as well as a good wide angled shot allowing me to capture different shots with the background included.



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