Shooting Schedule:

Tuesday 20th September:  Shoot in the dark room in school. This will help me to gain confidence in how the cameras work, how to position the lights and cameras so that I can achieve the shots that I want.

How it went: I feel a lot more confident with how to use the cameras and lights. However when I looked back at the footage a lot of it was out of focus and there were some errors in the fact that some of the tripod legs could be seen in the background.

Tuesday 11th October: Shoot booked again in the dark room, I hope to use some new equipment to ensure that the shots look how I want them to. I will think more about the cameras focus and the way the lights are positioned.

How it went: A lot better than the first shoot in my opinion. I feel a lot more comfortable with how to use the camera as my shots look even better than they did the first time. I am really pleased with how well the shots turned out. During the second shoot I was able to use the dolly tracking bars which I placed the camera rig on to which gave me more choice in the type of shots I create. I was able to create moving shots which made the music video seem more realistic to me. I enjoyed filming with the track as it challenged me as I had to focus, move and pan the camera all at the same time to try to create the best looking footage possible.


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