Location Recce

The pictures above are from Ruislip Woods, I have chosen this location to do a selection of my filming as I feel as though it will go with the sad feel to the song. The woods are seen as scary, so him alone in the woods singing this song will portray a feeling of sadness towards the artist which is what I hope to achieve with this video. Also, with it being Autumn I feel as though the colours of the leaves and trees will also help the feel of the video.


The other location is the dark room in school where I will use lights to help continue the sad, lonely feel of the song. I want to create an eerie but sad ‘vibe’ throughout the video which I feel that the lights in the dark room will help me to do.


Finally, I am undecided whether I want to film in London but I think I do want to get some shots of buildings/busy life to somehow slot into the video. My aim is to get as many ‘random’ shots as I can that I can use them to slot into the video if there are any parts that have gaps.



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