Here is my proposal for my work throughout this year, specifically my music video. I have stated what I hope to/would like to achieve from my final products this year.

Producer: Maddy Franklin                                                   Production Title: Music Video

Brief: To create a music video or short film that has a specific genre e.g. music video – rock.

Aim: My aim is to create a performance style music video which is to a song in the indie genre. I will make it look as professional as possible and use different shots/locations to make it look how I want it to.

Description of intentions: One of my main intentions is to make the video look professional, in fact not just my video, all of my final products (Advert, digipak and video). I want to create something I am proud of, and therefore by making it look ‘realistic’, I will feel like I have succeeded. My second intention is to make sure that the audience will understand the emotion behind the video. The emotion I have chosen relates to the lyrics of the song, I have chosen isolation and loneliness and I want this to come across through the artists’ acting skills and the mise-en-scene of the location that I’ve chosen. I want the audience to relate to the feelings evoked in the video through the shots and the acting.

Target Audience: My target audience is the demographic group ABC1, typically aged 15-27. I feel as though the people who will relate to the video the most are people in the same age as the artist in the video, and so I think they (16-19 year olds) are my  specific focus of the larger target audience. As I said before I want them to understand from watching the video the emotion/story behind it and I feel as though the people watching, if they are in this age group they will be able to relate to the artist more.









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