Analysis Of Previous Students Blog

I chose to analyse Holly Etty’s blog from last year. The first thing I noticed as I opened her blog was the little introduction paragraph on the home page telling us a little bit about her; what she studies and an explanation of what you’ll be able to find on the blog. I felt as though this would be a nice way of opening and introducing people to the blog and so this is something I decided to carry over to my blog.

As you begin looking around the blog you can immediately see the organisation of the website and can easily access your way around it. Each category has a sub-category making it easier to find her work as you can look more specifically at each category.

I also like how the most recent posts appear on the home page so that if they were unfinished you could easily access them to finish or just edit them.

Also, I noticed she has images of her artist (screenshots from the video footage-I think) which I feel as though helps to introduce her music video and give the viewers an almost ‘sneak preview’ of her music video. It also makes the whole of the blog look complete and makes it all link, making it look more professional and just overall gives a nice first impression.

For my own blog, I would like to create this look of it being organised and professional looking. I want it to be organised not only for people visiting and marking my blog to be able to find everything quickly and easily but also for myself to be able to keep on top of and on track with my work. A main objective of mine when I first set up my blog was to set up the different categories and sub-categories which I did and I feel as though it was a huge help.


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